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Have you invested in a professional tree care service lately?

At the moment there are people cutting down trees to use for resources or to clear land, whilst others are planting new trees and creating sustainable plantations. Whichever side of the climate change debate you support, there is no denying that trees are vital to the health of our environment. This is why it’s important to keep our trees healthy and investing in a professional tree care service for the trees in your garden is a good way to keep our environment safe.

Trees have many benefits, from preventing soil erosion, landslides, droughts and floods to enhancing soil fertility and buffering noise, trees provide many benefits that make our lives safer, healthier and happier.

Floods and droughts: Planting trees on your property is a good way to prevent the devastating effects of floods and mitigate the effects of drought. This is because trees suck up a massive amount of water from the ground via their roots (reducing the effects of flooding) and release a significant amount of water vapour into the air via their leaves (reducing the effects of drought).

Erosion and landslides: Many farmers have found that clearing the land has the negative side effect of causing erosion and landslides, simply because the roots of trees help to bind the soil and prevent it from washing or blowing away. Once cleared, the topsoil is easily eroded, ending up as dust clouds or as a nitrogen pollutant in our waterways. With this new knowledge, it’s not unusual to see an agricultural farmer engage a professional tree care service to help them replant their trees.

Soil fertility: By regulating the amount of water held in the soil, binding the soil together, permeating the soil with it’s roots and adding organic matter in the form of leaves twigs and bark, trees increase the fertility of soil.

Noise buffers: Trees absorb and scatter sound waves, so they form a natural barrier to noise. This is why you often see lots of trees planted along freeways, because they reduce the amount of freeway noise in residential areas.

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