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Every now and again, homeowners need a tree removed, so it makes sense to be aware of the tree removal costs in your area. Some trees grow too tall, some become diseased and others are simply growing in the wrong place, but unless you can easily remove these trees yourself, it’s best to call in a professional arborist.

Balancing on a ladder to reach branches that are too high can result in injuries to yourself and damage to your property, as well as to your neighbour’s property. Whilst, tree removal costs can be expensive (depending on the height of your trees), the arborist knows how to do the job correctly, keeping both people and property safe during the procedure.

What influences tree removal costs?

Until our arborist has actually seen your trees, they can only give an approximate quote, because there are a lot of factors that can increase or decrease this price. You will also need to be aware that different companies will often quote different tree removal costs, and this is generally because they put different values to these variables.

The tree removal cost provided in your quote will basically include the cost of cutting down your tree. This cost however, depends on the type and height of the tree, whether access to the site is difficult and whether it’s close to buildings, fences, powerlines or roads. It also includes the costs of grinding or removing the stump, but if you are happy for the stump to be left in the ground, you can save this portion of the costs.

Height is the biggest tree removal cost

As you can imagine, the taller the trees, the greater the costs of removing them. In general, trees can cost anything between $150 to $4500 to remove, but it can cost more for extremely tall trees. Below you will find a general guide to these costs, but for an accurate quote, we will need to visit your site.

Small trees: Usually around one story high, your costs will range between $150 and $850. Examples include lilly pillies or bottle brushes, but add another $100 if you want us to remove the stumps as well.

Medium trees: These are up to three stories high, for example Casuarinas and Silky Oaks. Expect to pay anything between $650 and $1500 per tree, adding $100 for removing the stump.

Tall trees: Your costs for tall trees depend on the type of tree, more so than for small or medium trees, because the density of the branches and leaves can make a big difference to the costs. Trees that are long and skinny and without much foliage can cost $1000 to remove, whilst the same size tree but with lots of thick branches and foliage can cost $2500. If you have a real monster in your garden, for example the big gums that can grove to 50m or more, then you can pay $7000 or more in tree removal costs.

Some palm trees that are really popular in Brisbane can cost $225 to remove, but we discount that to $175 for each additional palm tree, as long as they aren’t too tall.

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