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Have you ever had difficulty choosing the right tree removal service? There seems to be so many of them around, wandering through the suburbs, knocking on doors and offering heavily discounted prices, that you wonder what’s going on!

When all you want is a professional tree removal service who do a good job for a decent price, it can be hard to select the right business. If you have found yourself in this type of difficulty, these few tips should help you to find an experienced and professional tree removal service that suits your needs.

Do they have a good reputation?

Ask around your neighbours and friends in the area for their recommendations. Many homeowners and businesses use a tree removal service on a regular basis, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with at least one or two names. Check the websites of these companies to be sure that they have good customer testimonials and even search online for reviews.

Do they have up-to-date insurance policies?

If a tree company comes on your property and damages your neighbour’s fence or one of them suffers an injury, then you can be liable for these damages. This is why you need to check whether they have up-to-date insurance policies that cover these type of liabilities, as well as worker’s compensation. It’s very easy for a tree removal service to set themselves up in business, but only a professional company will spend money on the right type of insurances.

Are their prices really cheap?

Quotes for a tree removal service can differ between companies, but they won’t be greatly different. This is simply because they are a professional company and have similar overheads, so unless they are trying to make a massive profit (meaning their prices will be astronomical), their prices will be fairly similar.

This means that when you come across someone who offers you very cheap prices or highly inflated prices, you should check their reputations online and whether they have the right type of insurances. While we all want a bargain, cheap prices often go hand and hand with a lack of experience and a very poor job, and funnily enough – so do very high prices.

Avoid a door knocking tree removal service

Door knockers rely on impulse decisions and cash payments, often for work that isn’t really necessary or for which, you haven’t had time to really consider properly. It’s a very good policy to never have dealings with anyone who knocks on your door, because they target the vulnerable and those that haven’t done their research, particularly the elderly.

Always do your research and if you are interested in someone who knocks on your door, take their card and do your online checks before making a decision.

Pay once the work is completed

Never pay for a tree removal service upfront, always wait until the work has been completed and to your satisfaction. It’s not unknown for homeowners to pay cash upfront and then the workers suddenly disappear half way through a job. We have seen this happen when a homeowner has paid for a tree and its stump to be removed, but the workers simply cut down the tree and leave without removing the stump.

If you want a professional and experienced tree removal service, you can’t go wrong to call Community Tree Services on 0420 954 062 or send us an email today for a free quote.