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Tree pruning in Brisbane shouldn’t be considered as a DIY job, because aside from damaging and weakening the trees if they are pruned incorrectly, it’s a serious safety issue. As we drive around Brisbane, we often see people working on their roofs without safety harnesses; scaling trees when you don’t know what you are doing and you don’t have any safety equipment is just as unsafe as working on your roof without a safety harness.

Any trees above head height should be left to the professionals and even then, you can damage these smaller trees if you prune them incorrectly. Too many homeowners however, think that tree pruning in Brisbane looks so easy that they will give it a go themselves, but it only looks easy because we are professionals!

Incorrect pruning can damage your trees

Cutting branches in the wrong places can cause serious damage and weaken your trees, as can tearing the bark when you don’t have the right skills or the right tools to do the job properly. When you have a number of beautiful trees on your property, pruning them properly will keep them healthy and looking their best for many years into the future.

DIY pruning is a safety hazard

If you don’t know how to prune a tree correctly you can have branches falling on cars, fences, roofs, animals and people and if you try to actually cut a tree down yourself, the consequences can be devastating. Some of these branches can extend out for metres and are very heavy, so the cuts need to be in the right place and we often need to guide the branches to the ground to ensure that they don’t cause any damage.

Scaling trees without the right equipment is another safety hazard and is definitely something that you don’t want to try yourself. Always call in the professionals when a tree is too tall to prune from the ground.

Leave tree pruning in Brisbane to the professionals!

We know exactly where to prune trees and can recognise branches that need to be removed and others that should be left alone. We can also recognise if the tree is already unhealthy and the best way to approach the problem. So if you need tree pruning or removal in Brisbane, why not get a free quote online today?