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Palm Pruning and Removal – Brisbane – Redlands – Logan – Gold Coast

Palm Tree Removal – Palm Tree Removal Brisbane

Community Tree Services are South-East Brisbane, Redlands and the Gold Coast, palm pruning & removal experts!

Palm Tree Removal Brisbane, Gold Coast, Redlands, Logan

If you have Palms around your property or business, you will understand how much of a nuisance they can become.

Bats driving you crazy at night? Seeds pods dropping everywhere? Large fronds falling? Some palms really can become quite a nightmare and a safety hazard!

They may even just start looking like a complete eyesore around your property!

You need our palm tree removal experts on the job!

Whatever the reason may be our team of fully qualified, expert arborists are here to help with any of your palm pruning and removal needs around South East Brisbane, Logan, Redlands or the Gold Coast, whether it be around your home, pool, gardens, in a confined space or business our highly skilled team have the experience and expertise to tackle any palm removal or pruning job, safely and efficiently with no fuss at all!

Some species of Palms such as Cocos Palms, Date Palms and Triangle Palms, need to have their dead fronds and seeds pods removed regularly!

In most instances, these types of palms require palm maintenance every 6-12 months.

Community tree services pride our self on being able to say that we are experts in palm pruning and cleaning, with over a decade of experience, the right skills and equipment to tackle any palm maintenance in Brisbane or the Gold Coast!

Jobs such as:

  • Non-invasive Palm cleaning and pruning techniques (NOT WEARING SPIKES)
  • Seed pod removal
  • Removing dead/unwanted palm fronds
  • EWP Palm Pruning (working out of a cherry picker)

However, in some instances, your palms may be starting to, or have outgrown their location or they are simply becoming a safety hazard or nuisance around your home or business.

You may want to consider calling Community Tree Services for a free quote today and ask about our Brisbane to Gold Coast palm removal service.

If your palm trees have started to become a real safety hazard around your home or are simply becoming more trouble than they are worth, Community Tree Services palm removal service is here to help!

With a highly skilled team of fully qualified arborists, no matter, the species, how big, tall, or confined space your palm tree has grown in!

We have the right equipment and experience to remove it safely and hassle-free, with no mess left on your property!

Woodchipping & Stump Grinding/Removal

Once the palm removal process has been completed safely, we will remove all the palm waste from the site and clean up to a point that you would have never known we were there!

Once the tree removal process is complete we also offer a stump grinding and removal services! Please see our stump grinding Brisbane to the Gold Coast page for more information!

Palm Tree Removal Brisbane, Logan, Redlands, Gold Coast.

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