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Whilst you may think that trimming your trees is an easy job, there are three very good reasons why you need to hire a specialist tree pruning company. Whether it’s your home or commercial property, there can be a range of negative consequences when you ignore the experts and try to do the job yourself.

Safety is always a major priority, but you can damage the trees, your property and even your neighbour’s property if you don’t do the job right. So let’s look at three of the reasons why calling in a tree pruning company is a much better idea than tackling it yourself.

   1. Correct pruning keeps your trees healthy

There is a right way and a wrong way to prune trees and if you get this wrong, you can actually damage the health and future growth of your trees. Since pruning is often performed because a tree is damaged or showing signs of ill health, it’s best to call in a specialised tree pruning company who can assess the tree and prune it properly, and as needed.

   2. Health and safety are a priority

If you can’t trim a tree while standing at ground level, you shouldn’t even consider the job. If you think that you will need a ladder to prune high branches, then it’s best to leave it to the experts. They know how to scale a tree and drop high branches safely, making sure that everyone is safe during the operation.

An experienced tree pruning company will also know how to drop the branches so that they don’t fall on the fence, sheds, in the pool, on the roof of your house or on any other buildings that are in the vicinity. Any professional company will have the right insurances in place, so that if anything does happen, they are covered. These insurances will include damage to your property and your neighbour’s property, as well as injuries to their own workers.

If you drop a large branch on your neighbour’s fence and flatten it, you will be the one to pay for it – literally! On the other hand, if a tree pruning company makes this type of mistake (unlikely!), they will have to pay for it instead, and that’s a much better scenario.

  3. A tree pruning company has the right experience

Any professional company will have the experience and the qualifications to know whether or not a tree is unhealthy and decide if it needs to be lopped or totally removed. Many of these companies employ an arborist who is an expert in trees, and will know if there really is a problem with your trees and how to fix it. This might include lopping off the unhealthy branches or some other solution, but with an arborist on your team, you can be sure that the right decisions will be made regarding your trees.

It’s always best to check if the company you are considering does employ an arborist, because this means that they really are qualified to make decisions concerning your trees.

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