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It’s a fair bet that your neighbours have tree stumps on their property or you have them on your own property in Brisbane. This is because it’s cheaper to cut down a tree and leave the stump in the ground than it is to pay for the additional stump grinding that totally removes the tree’s remains.

When times are hard and you are on a limited budget, it seems sensible to leave the stump in the ground, but this can raise a whole set of other problems that can cost you much more money in the long run. Once you realise the problems that stumps can cost you, it’s an easy decision to pay for the additional service of stump grinding in Brisbane, rather than hoping for the best.

Why remove trees anyway?

Many of us move into properties that already have the wrong type of trees growing in the garden or we plant our own trees, not realising that they are the wrong type for the suburbs. These trees are ones that have invasive roots (such as the Ficus or Weeping Willow) that can grow around water pipes or storm drains, breaking them open and causing burst pipes and flooding.

They also include trees that grow to tremendous heights, getting in the way of power lines and telecom cables, dropping leaves into your gutters and generally creating havoc. These trees include the Camphor Laurel, Alders, Sweet Gum, Eucalyptus and many types of palms that grow to over 2 metres.

You may also want to remove trees that are unhealthy, but before you make this decision, make sure to have an arborist inspect the tree first, because it might be saved, given the right type of care. Trees that are considered dangerous will also need to be removed and these include trees that are falling over and pose a safety risk.

Why is stump grinding in Brisbane important?

In Brisbane, stump grinding is important because we are a city with lots and lots of trees. Unlike other cities, such as Sydney, Brisbane is truly green and has lots of old, mature trees. They line the streets and grow in our gardens and parks, and are a wonderful sight to behold.

The problem is that once a tree is cut down, the stump should also be removed, because it can attract termites and the roots can become very invasive. Even if you have poisoned the stump, it’s often not enough to really kill it.

  1. Tree stumps attract termites: If you don’t pay for stump grinding in Brisbane and leave the stump in the ground, it is quite likely to attract termites. These termites can then track into your home or your shed, even going next door into your neighbour’s home.
  2. Tree stumps are often invasive: Roots from stumps that have been left in the ground can often shoot new roots, breaking into sewer lines, mains water pipes and storm drains. These roots can pop up at great distances from the stump, so you might not realise that this is the cause of your problem.

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