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Tree Lopping – Brisbane – Redlands – Logan – Gold Coast

Tree Lopping on the Gold Coast, Logan, Brisbane South & Redland Bay. 

Community Tree Services are your local tree experts!

Tree Lopping Gold Coast – Tree Lopping Logan – Tree Lopping Brisbane South

Our team of expert tree loppers at Community Tree Services are fully qualified arborists and tree surgeons.

With over a decade of knowledge, training and experience in tree lopping and pruning around South East Brisbane and the Gold Coast, under our belt, it’s safe to say we know trees!

We have the expertise to safely, tree lop, prune and remove branches on your beloved trees in and around your property, so that they not only remain balanced and attractive but also, so they remain, safe and healthy for many years to come!

Before lopping any trees, there are a few things you should know and take into consideration!

Tree lopping is generally considered a poor practice in the modern world of Arboriculture.

Brisbane and Gold Coast tree lopping or topping is only a term commonly used to describe the industry.

Tree lopping is as a quick fix and often leads to costly long-term damage to your trees and can comprise the health and safety of your family and property!

Tree pruning should be conducted to Australian Standard AS4373-2007, local government and council requirements!

Community Tree Service team can offer the correct alternative tree care practices, which in the long term can lead to substantial returns, as a maintained tree on your property will be much more attractive, safe and can also add considerable value to your home, business or property!

If you would like more information on the correct tree pruning & maintenance Brisbane, Redlands and the Gold Coast! Click on the link below.

Tree Lopping Gold Coast – Tree Lopping Logan – Tree Lopping Brisbane South

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