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Tree Removal – Brisbane – Redlands – Logan – Gold Coast

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Community Tree Services are your local tree removal experts from Brisbane Southside to the Gold Coast!


Removing a tree can be a big decision and should not be taken lightly, but in some cases, it can be the only option.

At Community Tree Services we always strive to save the trees we encounter and only recommend complete tree removal in Brisbane or the Gold Coast as a last resort!

It might be for safety reasons, such as the tree has become structurally unstable, dead or in decline, it has sustained significant storm damage, or simply it has outgrown its location and is starting to cause problems.

Whatever the situation, removing a whole tree safely can be a very daunting task for a property owner!

Therefore, Community Tree Services provides a professional, fully qualified and insured team of tree removal experts in South East Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

How will you know if your tree needs removal? Is your tree is guilty of any of the following?

  • Your tree is dead or if it seems to be in decline/dying
  • It has diseased or suspicious looking limbs
  • The Roots are causing damage to yours or nearby property
  • It has damage from recent storm activity or hanging branches
  • It has sustained root damage, or the roots are heaving/lifting
  • You have general safety concerns about your tree
  • It has or is starting to outgrow its location
  • It is or maybe in the way of future construction or renovations
  • Rot or termites are present in or around the base of the tree

If you have answered yes to any of the following, then you should consider contacting Community Tree Services!

When undertaking any tree removal in South East Brisbane, Gold Coast or surrounding areas, our professional fully qualified and insured team of arborists take no shortcuts!

When we take on a tree removal, we make sure everything is done correctly and safely the first time!

With the right safety practices, equipment and processes in place, you can rest assured that when you choose community tree services to take on your tree removal Brisbane OR Gold Coast, the safety of your family, property and surroundings is our number one priority.

Woodchipping and Stump Grinding/Removal

Once the tree removal process has been completed safely, we will remove all the tree waste from the site and clean up to a point that you would have never known we where there!

Alternatively, if you would like to keep any mulch or firewood, just let us know it’s free!

Once the tree removal process is complete we also offer a stump grinding and removal service! Please see our stump grinding Brisbane and Gold Coast page for more information!

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