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Tree lopping in Brisbane is an essential job during winter as it removes any broken, diseased or structurally unsound branches that can be hazardous during the storm season. Some homeowners however, are hesitant about calling in a tree removal service, thinking that with a chainsaw, they can do it themselves.

This ‘can-do’ attitude is admirable and it might be true that you can safely remove the lower branches quite safely without injuring yourself or the tree. If you need a ladder to reach these branches however, your best course of action is to call in your local tree experts in Brisbane, because they have all the right equipment and know how to safely lop trees.

Essentially, a professional tree removal service will:

  • Prune awkwardly shaped trees, diseased trees or structurally unsound trees without causing damage to your home, car or any other external structures, including power lines.
  • Remove all of the debris, branches, trunks and roots (the latter if you are having an entire tree removed).
  • Retain the integrity of the tree, so that it isn’t stressed and can continue to grow from strength to strength.

What are the problems with DIY tree lopping in Brisbane?

The biggest problem is damage to houses, cars, other trees, garages, houses, animals, power lines and people! Trying to balance a ladder against a tree and use a chainsaw at the same time is just asking for trouble. If you have ever watched a professional tree removal service at their job, you will know that they use ropes and harnesses to access the upper branches, not ladders.

There is a good reason for this strategy and its safety! Tree lopping professionals don’t want to risk injuring themselves or anyone else on the job, so they use the right equipment and do the job correctly. The last thing you want is to injure yourself, hit the power lines or have a branch come crashing down on your home.

The council can also be on your case if you damage council structures and you might even need council permission to prune certain trees, and they will also expect you to consider the safety of local wildlife as well. In the end, it’s much quicker, safer and much less hassle to call in professional tree experts who can do the job properly.

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